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The 5 Best Flowers for Mother's Day

Flowers are a classic gift for many an occasion. Mother’s Day feels like one of the best days to find a beautiful bouquet to gift because it is filled with sentiment and so are flowers. There are thousands of flowers out there, and Mother’s Day calls for something unique and symbolic to represent the true meaning behind the present itself. That is why the guide below has five of the best flowers for your mum on their special day.

Why People Choose Flowers for Their Mum

Flowers are considered to be a timeless present. They are filled with thought and suit even the pickiest of gift receivers because they are simple, but impactful on a number of levels. Not only are they the perfect way to show you care, but they are also a beautiful visual as well and look great in any home if you pick the right style and colour.

Where to Buy Flowers on Mother’s Day

Where you buy them is up to you and will depend on your budget, travel capacity, and knowledge of the area. There are a few options to explore from professional independent florists to garden centres and even supermarkets. You can even look at local delivery by ordering online or phoning a store if you live far away from your parents but want some special flowers to arrive on Mother's Day nonetheless. Mothers Day Flowers in Bristol, for instance, can be found in standalone florists in the local communities and a lot of these places allow for delivery. So, what are the most popular flowers and how do you pick the best arrangement? Keep reading to find out.


Roses are a well-known symbol of love that is globally recognised. Each colour represents a different affection, from pink roses meaning happiness, to yellow conveying friendship, and of course, red is always for love.


Given where Mother’s Day falls in the calendar, tulips are the perfect seasonal inspired bouquet. You can find them in a range of colours so the potential to make a whole rainbow arrangement is entirely within your grasp. They are small and cute and have great durability too.


Lilies are bold flowers with large petals that catch the eye. They have a strong, yet appealing scent and manifest in a range of patterns and shades. They are a longstanding classic choice for Mother’s Day because of their intriguing beauty and longevity.


Some would say, these are the perfect flower for Mother’s Day. Chrysanthemums come in a beautiful array of colours which means you can have a whole bouquet with each flower representing a different hue. They are quite easy to grow as well, so you could even grow your own for something extra special.


Irises have a unique vibe about them and blend some truly stunning colours together over their petals. They are tall enough that they bring a vase to life and versatile enough that their vibrancy won’t clash with general décor.

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to buy your mum a lovely selection of flowers. Whether you go for a mixed bunch or one style, it’s a gift that is always appreciated.

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