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3 Floral Gifts Every Mum Will Love

Every year as Mother’s Day rolls around, it can become a frenzy of deciding just what our mothers would really appreciate. It seems as though they have everything, and at this point in their lives, they probably do! Have you thought of just how meaningful flowers can be? There are the traditional carnations which is the flower that symbolises motherhood along with admiration and devotion. Then there are other flowers often used in floral arrangements for mothers such as roses, lilies and tulips. Even so, no matter which of those flowers or so many other lovely buds you choose to gift your mum this year, flowers are literally a breath of fresh air. Let’s look at three floral gift ideas that every mother is sure to love.

1. A Bouquet of Freshly Cut Flowers

This can be one of the most beautiful floral gifts for mums on Mothers' Day because even adult children living far away can have Mothers’ Day flowers delivered in Bristol, for mums so far away from you on this special day. Whether you are living Down Under for a year or backpacking through Europe, a quick call to a local florist can have flowers on her doorstep before the day you celebrate your love for mum. Sometimes you can pick and choose the flowers in your arrangement, and other times, if uncertain, run with a florist’s choice. Here they find the freshest and loveliest blossoms to add to their bouquets.

2. A Dried Floral Arrangement

Many mothers prefer this kind of floral gift because it keeps on giving year after year. Typically arranged in a vase, these flowers are chosen for their ability to hold their form nicely. It is true that most flowers can be preserved in this way, but some will often lose their petals, especially if not dried properly. What mother doesn’t love to showcase her dried floral arrangements to friends and neighbours who drop in for a chat and of course, mum’s freshly brewed Earl Grey and a homemade scone or biscuit? In fact, if you choose dried flowers for your mum, it can become a family tradition. At some point, mum will have dried floral arrangements of different sorts for literally every room in her home – different vases of course.

3. A Mothers’ Day Corsage

A Mothers’ Day corsage is just the thing for mums who attend church services on Sundays. What a thrill it will be walking into church this year with a thoughtfully crafted corsage on her dress. There is nothing quite like a spray of fresh flowers to add beauty and a bit of scent to any dress. How proud mum will be when, after church, her friends comment on the lovely flowers she’s wearing. This is where she can talk about how thoughtful her children are to have sent something this delicate and pretty for her to wear to church services on a day that belongs to mums.

No matter what kind of floral gift you choose for mum this year, she will love the thought that flowers are truly the gift of life, love and beauty. They symbolise the devotion she has always had for you and the love you now return.

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